Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness


Are you going through a difficult and challenging period that is affecting how you cope with daily life? Are you struggling with issues of anxiety, anxiety disorder/s, depression, grief, trauma, low self esteem/confidence? Please read on and/or click on the above title under therapies to see how I can work with you to discover new ways of responding to these different blocks and dilemmas in life.

I work with a variety of problems and am passionate about individual potential and creative inner strengths that can bring about change. I can provide you with a safe place from which to move on in life, to discover and experience your journey with greater understanding and meaning.

Regain management of your own life with the therapeutic tools that really work

My therapeutic approach enables the individual to examine the meaning, values and interpretations given to situation and circumstance. It works with the negative thoughts, feelings/mood, assumption, core beliefs and patterns of learnt behaviour, and will help you understand how to manage symptoms so that you can enjoy life again. Mindfulness brings attention to the experience of the moment and works with the acceptance and willingness to be.

The design and intention of this therapy is to maximise the quality of life. It helps individuals to become experts on themselves. Assisted by the therapeutic relationship it enables the individual to stand back from their situation, and explains how they can link new information to existing knowledge to effect change and discover new ways of responding to the different blocks and dilemmas in life.

Internal Family Systems

Interwoven into my practice approach to therapy is Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems. This model reveals how constraints can impinge upon the individual’s inner parts and subsequently how these parts might take up their roles in hiding, protecting and/or sabotaging other parts. The IFS approach aims to depolarise and unburden these parts by negotiating their internal roles as well as helping to retrieve vulnerable parts that have been ‘stuck’ in the past.

This is a non-pathologising approach that enhances awareness and understanding of the individual’s internal world by differentiating antagonistic and unhelpful inner parts from the ‘Self.’ Its aim is to work with the ‘Self,’ in a safe way that brings about a greater sense of integration and harmony.